– day 2

Affection for dogs is dislocated

I have no use for dogs. Please don’t misunderstand me, I like dogs and we get along well. My attitude towards dogs is like a grandparents attitude towards grandchildren. It’s nice when they visit but they need to go home. Of course these dogs are home and I’m the intruder.

Scheduling differences

Anyone reading my posts knows ‘I am not a morning person” doesn’t even begin to cover it. So why am I up at 6? The dog is ringing his “let me out to pee” bell. A dog ringing a bell and the master answers? Pavlov must be spinning in his grave laughing the rotting skin off of his bones.

 What are the dogs doing now

Sleeping of course, loudly. I should kick back and do the same.

Things I got done

  1. Created an account for my camera
  2. connected camera to iPad
  3. transferred pictures to iPad
  4. fed the dogs twice
  5. Walked the dogs when they needed it.
  6. Opened a Yahoo account – mikeament1955@yahoo.com
  7. Opened a flickr account – login with Yahoo account
  8. Logged new accounts in temporary database – update reg db when back in network
  9. Activate iPhoto on this computer, sync w/iCloud and it’s still syncing – causing major problems at OS level
  10. download photo
  11. insert photo
  12. update my blog
The dogs

The dogs

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