20170428 New Direction

Grady Louis

My grandson Grady is nearly a year old. I’ve been telling stories to him in my head for months and over the last few weeks I’ve decided to re-launch this site and dedicate it to telling these stories to Grady. Since I’m so far behind I’ve decided to just start now and fill in the blanks later. My idea is to share with you the random ideas that pass through my head so it may not always be coherent. As in the novel Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut in may not always be in a linear sequence or like Pulp Fiction which I hope you see when you’re old enough. Welcome to my new direction.

What I Do

I am extremely visual and I like to express myself in the visual arts. Maybe I’m the inspiration for your mothers camera work. I just made a watermark for her which you will undoubtedly see quite a lot of. It looks like this;


Logo for Kaitlyn's business

Logo for Kaitlyn’s business

You are the inspiration, Mommy calls you Bean Sprout because you’re shooting up like Jack’s beanstalk to the giants kingdom. That’s from I story I told your mother when she was your age.

Today’s Pictures

Everyday I go out side and take a set of 12 specific pictures.

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I’ve taken the same shots every day for over a year. My plan is to stack them and process them either as GIF or video. Maybe working on this blog every day I will make time to process them.I also take other random shots of what ever interests me. Today it was a small branch blown to the ground by recent winds which I processed to an extreme.

It really doesn’t look like that. I need to learn how to activate the inside of the radial filter.

I hope you like pictures, here are some more:

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“Time to Go”

Thats a famous quote from a famous movie by one of my favorite actors in one of his best performances. I’m certain your mother has three different versions of it.

I started my morning at the doctor’s office. Went to Menard’s and picked up materials for three projects, unloaded and put them away. I’m tired.

Good night.


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